hi New Little Pig Farm,

here are a couple of pictures of our wonderful little poe. we cancelled our honeymoon to come and collect poe from newcastle, and it was the best decision we ever made! i have wanted a pig since i was three years old, and it is all thanks to New Little Pig Farm team that my dream has finally come true. when i visited the farm, i couldn’t have been happier with the home that had been created for the pigs, and the amount of love each and every one obviously recieved. they were even nicer than you expect and is a very hard working, honest and wonderful lady.

poe is constantly wagging his tail, grunting and wanting to be on your knee. if you rub his belly he rolls over and goes to sleep! he is such a content little guy, he chases my cats around and likes to get onto the bed with you in the morning. he is fully litter trained, but we also take him outside a few times a day, even though he waits on the step to be let back in as soon as he is bored, much prefering his pillows and blankets indoors!

Pigglesworth is a happy beautiful cheeky little piglet, I would like to thank little pig farm for him and if i thanked them everyday it would not be enough. He settled in from day one and he is one of the family now he wags his tail none stop and is very clever he knows his name, he sits when instructed and also sits up on his two hind legs and is house trained the service and after care i have received from New Little Pig Farm was exceptional and i would recommend them to anybody. Should anyone like to meet Pigglesworth he would love to meet you.

thank you so much for our little guy Wilbur, we cant imagine life without him, he is loved by everyone and never stops wagging his tail, he loves telling us ‘stories’, we cant wait untill his little brother arrives, he loves to chase the pigeons around the garden, and bring you little sticks and twigs.
thanks so much

HI, this is our little piggy Rodney. He is an absolute joy to have around, i suppose it took around a week for him to come to us, and he now lays across our lap of an evening watching tv!! He plays too, just like a dog!! Very funny to watch. He loves his belly and side scratched, and falls asleep while getting his fussing!! He snorts when he wants to go out, and again to come in, we keep him as a house pig, so he loves his comforts!! Ive wanted a pig since i was about 8, and now at the grand old age of 36, have got one thanks to New Little Pig Farm. Whom i would whole heartedly recommend. She has always been a call /text away for when we had any questions, and has been a pleasure to deal with, I class her as a friend.
I would hand on heart recommend Little Pig Farm, you can’t go wrong!!! ( Gonna look into getting another piggy hopefully!!)

Here are some pictures of Trixie for you. She is such a good piglet. Already she knows to use the litter tray. She is so clean and doesnt smell at all. She is really happy loves running around the lounge and rolls over to have her tummy tickled which is the cutest. Trixie is also really good with my little boy of 18months. Thank you so much for your quick replys on answering all of our questions and thank you for our little piggy. Will Keep in touch, Thanks Again!

Just a quickie to let you know that our little piglet is doing well and settling down great with us. In a day I’m thrilled to say he’s house-trained already, in that he run’s to the door and looks up as if to ask me to open it. He goes outside and once he finished he comes in on his own and sits on his bed, it’s amazing to see. At night he sleeps in our bedroom with us on his bed, and uses a litter tray, to be honest last night he almost slept straight through until 9am this Morning. I’ve attached some snaps of him during his first week with us, he’s Really funny and seems to being enjoying life at his new home.