Caring for a LITTLE PIG

  1. DEFRA now have details on their website about keeping Mini pigs.
  2. Feed them a good quality Sow and Weaner Mix or a specialist Pot Bellied Pig Food. We recommend feeding twice a day at the same times. Please remember if you overfeed a pig it will grow….and grow…and grow. A healthy pig is a happy pig!
  3. Supplement their pellets with fruit and vegetables (not kitchen waste).
  4. Make sure your pigs have access to the outside at all times. By all means let your pigs inside to play and sleep – but pigs like to sun bathe, eat grass and mooch around on dirt.

Worm your pigs at least every 6 months – the best way is by injection by your vet or if experienced you can administer this yourself – we use either Panomec or Noromectin – this will also cover them for mange and lice.

Have a Pig First Aid Box – this should include Veterinary Wound Powder, Surgical Spirit, Septic Cleanse, wound Dressing and we use Manuka Honey extensively for any cuts or abrasions (all available from your vet or agricultural merchant)

Do your research, find out as much as you can about pigs by reading books try Amazon – they have some really good ones or going on a Pig Keeping Course. There are plenty around the UK and online to choose from. Our book “This Little Piggy” is also available to buy and gives you lots of information on caring for pet pigs rather than raising pigs for meat.

Make your home pig proof. Check your fencing. Move your house plants to pig safe height. Ensure all potentially poisonous liquids and fluids are moved to a high safe place – pigs can open cupboards!

Make sure they have a constant supply of clean water.

Check your garden plants for toxic plants.

Ensure you have someone who can move in and care for your pigs when you go away.

Ask lots of questions from experienced breeder/keepers.