The Little Pig Farms is a group or “family” of people around the UK who are passionate about pigs and animals in general. The main objective of everyone involved is to breed healthy, small, friendly pigs that can add joy to your life.

Originally started in April 2009, the success of the company and awareness in the Media of our Little Pigs around the World means that people who have always wanted pigs in their life and never could because of size issues, can now add them to their families. By working together, all the branches of The Little Pig Farms aim to have the best pet pigs in the UK. For example, if we think one of our pigs is a little on the large side, we will remove him/her form the breeding programme. We DO NOT breed from the runts! Only healthy strong small pigs are in our breeding herd. All branches work to the same rules and code of practice to ensure that the sows are not over breeding and that all health and welfare issues are paramount. You will be able to see the whole herd and the respective parents of your new piglets when you visit. A huge amount of money and time has been invested in a bespoke pedigree software programme so we can keep a close eye on the blood lines across all of our branches ensuring that no interbreeding takes place. This enables you to be confident on your choice of choosing The Little Pig Farms as a professional and trusted business that people can rely on.

When you collect/take delivery of your new pet pig/pigs you will be given a care sheet, a sack of food, 30 days free insurance, details of inoculations and a birth certificate. We offer advice and information even after you have taken your piglets home with questions relating to health and legislation and any concerns or questions you may have.